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    Charlbury Community Centre

    WordPress website design & build

    The new Charlbury Community Centre needed a modern website with a focus on an UX and an intuitive UI to share details about what the centre can offer.

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    Relish Catering

    WordPress website design & build

    I designed Relish's websites based on previous brand guidelines. I then developed the website and implemented it into the WordPress CMS.

  • Dave McCutcheon - DVD Maps

    DVD Maps - Dave McCutcheon

    HTML only site

    Using the old site design, I rebuilt the HTML for Dave's website, using modern markup and boosting SEO.

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    Stormtide Games

    Logo design

    I designed the logo for Stormtide's upcoming mobile application, it's featured in the trailer video created by Jonny Dane.

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    Benchmark Your Bet

    Final university project

    Unfortunately discontinued, but for my FMP at university I carried out branding, designed and built a web application using Ruby on Rails. I collaborated again with Charlotte O'Hare to create the logo.

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    The Bull Inn

    WordPress website design & build

    After having new ownership, I designed and built a custom WordPress CMS website for The Bull Inn, located in my home town of Charlbury, in The Cotswolds.

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    Caring For Dementia

    University Project

    For quite a substantial project at university. I shot, produced and edited a documentary highlighting what it's like to care for someone who suffers from Dementia.

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    Kate Patient

    Graphic design

    Kate wanted a very unique design for her business cards and posters to illustrate her many jobs she offers and relevant contact details. I worked with illustrator Charlotte O'Hare to produce this.

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    FXU Language Exchange

    Logo design

    Falmouth University's "Language Exchange" ran a logo competition to design a logo to represent the aims of the programme and my design was the winning entry.

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    My Bubble

    D&AD university project

    For a project on my degree course we were asked to take on the BBC's brief for the D&AD awards to produce a video concept to improve quality of television viewing for 16-25 year olds.

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    Cotswold Landscaping

    Website design & build

    Cotswold Landscaping came to me with their own graphic assets which I incorporated into the website's feel and design.

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